Manufacturer Warranty Information
Terms of payment

– Advance payment required unless otherwise approved
– Net 30 days
– Finance (inquire at

Payment method

– credit card (charge 3% handling fee)
– check, bank check, cash, wire transfer and ACH draft
– PayPal, direct deposits
– for international purchases CSP only accepts wire transfer

Pricing Information

Commercial seating products (called “CSP”) reserves the right to change prices for products offered by CSP at any time.

Defective / Damaged Merchandise

Upon Delivery prior to unwrapping pallets, all deliveries must be inspected for any damages that may have occurred during transportation, pictures must be taken, and driver must sign off acknowledging the damages incurred. Any delivery damages not claimed prior to unpacking your delivery will need to be approved for replacements on a case by case basis any damages not claimed within 10 business days of delivery will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Should a defect occur, CSP will repair or replace the defective goods free of charge provided the product is returned to us promptly, as directed, prepaid, and with an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) number. CSP will not be liable for costs associated with any of the above conditions unless there is a damage.

Freight companies do not pick up damaged pallets from our warehouse. However, on occasion there have been incidents where items are damaged during transport. We take great care that all items are shipped on pallets which are completely wrapped and safely secured. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect all items upon arrival and acceptance

If a damage should occur
  1. Take a picture of the damage.
  2. Document and describe the damage on the paper work when the carrier delivers the product. Do not let the driver leave without documenting the damage. Keep a copy.
  3. Call CSP customer service to inform us that you documented the damages and took photos.
Manufacturer Warranty

CSP offers a manufacturer warranty period (see below for details) from the date of purchase on your invoice. We will need to inspect items in order to validate this warranty. CSP Products’ warranty will not apply to any product which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than the manufacturer. The factory will not assume labor charges for unauthorized filed repairs unless agreed to in writing by the factory prior to the repairs being done. Under no circumstances shall CSP’s warranty exceed the original price paid for the merchandise. No reimbursements for repairs made in the field will be allowed without prior written consent. Variations in colors, grain or texture beyond reasonable commercial match are not warranted due to natural characteristics of the materials used. If the item’s useful life expires, it must be handled as waste. This means it must be handed over to a licensed facility for disposal (such as a waste management facility). No other warranty expressed or implied.



Periodic maintenance is necessary. Products should be inspected every time before use for damage or signs of structural fatigue incurred in daily handling in addition to receiving regular cleaning & maintenance (i.e. screws and bolts should be tightened, feet caps and glides replaced regularly). If a defect is found, take the item out of service immediately and contact CSP. All warranty, both expressed and implied, shall be invalid if proper care and maintenance procedures are not followed.


Not Covered Under Warranty
  • Defects that result from negligence, misuse, or accidents.
  • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care,
  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary use or from any use for which the product was not designed.
  • Unauthorized Repairs
  • After market adjustments to the item


Under normal use CSP has a limited structure warranty on parts for the following amount of time

Resin chairs: 3 years for customers who rent, 5 years for customers who do not rent the products.
Wood chairs: 1 years for customers who rent, 3 years for customers who do not rent the products.
Metal chairs: 1 years for customers who rent, 2 years for customers who do not rent the products.
Wood Table: 1 years for customers who rent, 2 years for customers who do not rent the products.
LED Products: all electronic item 1 year
Custom Acrylic Tables: No warranty offered

The Warranties shall be subject to change in sole discretion of Commercial Seating Products Inc.

Fabric and finishing are covering by limited structure warranty on parts for one year.


Return policy

Returned merchandise will not be accepted unless authorized in writing prior to return. The merchandise and cartons must be in “NEW” condition upon receipt in our warehouse. Returns will be accepted within 15 days from the invoice date. Otherwise return will not be allowed and contact CSP for further instruction. All returned products will be subject to a 20% restocking fee on furniture, 30% restocking fee on accessories and the return shipping fees. If any merchandise is returned damaged (by either shipping company or customer) buyers will be charged and additional repair or replacement fee.


Shipping Terms

Shipping fees for both the initial delivery and return are paid for by the customer and non-refundable. Refunds issued will be solely on defective items purchased. Shipping Expenses are not included and are nonrefundable. For large returns that may involve freight, please contact us directly for further instruction

Shipping costs are not included in our items price. Shipping costs are contingent on 3 main factors: Size of the pallet, weight and location

The following exceptions may incur additional shipping fees:

1) Small box (under 70 Lbs.): FedEx, UPS, US Post office, DHL, Private delivery
2) LTL (pallet)
3) Full truck load
4) Container direct shipment
5) Inside delivery
6) Lift gate
7) Truck/private direct delivery


Otherwise, contact CSP for further direction.