Chiavari Chair Wood Panel/Vinyl Cushion

Product #: CUP-V/CUP-RB-Vinyl
  1. The high-quality vinyl is upholstered over the foam to a 3/8’’ thick plywood base.
  2. The cushions are available in Black, Ivory, White.
  3. The seat foam is  2’’ thick double polyurethane.
  4. Commercial grade hook & loop fasteners for the secure fit.
  5. Optional Velcro tabs under panel attach to seat to create seamless look
  6. Custom upholstery available.                                             One running yard equals three upholstered cushions.
  7. Wood panel maintains shape of the cushion
  8. Vinyl cushion is sleek and durable
  9. Actual cushion colors may vary


Model     CUP-V / CUP-RB-Vinyl
Colors     White, Black, Ivory
Material   Fabric 

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