White “Amigo™” Resin Padded Folding Chairs

Stack your folding chairs without any worry ever again with our Amigo folding chair! it interlocks and stacks with most resin folding chair in today s market! So even if you have bought different folding chairs from various places you ll always have a friend with our amigo chair! the chair cover is specific to the resin padded folding chairs!

U.S. Patent Application No. 18/233,492


  • 100+ $25.99 ea. (save 5%)
  • 200+ $24.99 ea. (save 9%)


Our CSP Amigo resin folding chairs offers are a perfect fit for almost any application. Perhaps the most popular padded wedding chair, they have become the standard for garden folding chairs, as they are made to look identical to traditional wood folding chairs. Same weight and dimensions, but these chairs are stronger than any wood chair and will last through years of tough use.

Interlock & stacks with most resin folding chairs in the market

The CSP Amigo resin folding chair offers a unique feature not found in other brands: it can be stacked and stored with existing chairs sold by other brands. This compatibility for use alongside chairs from other brands highlights the innovative design of the Amigo resin folding chair, setting it apart as a one-of-a-kind option in the market.

Easily clean and replace cushions

The resin material is 100% virgin polypropylene with UV protectants included in the molding process. This ensures the chairs will not fade or lose their bright appearance over time. These chairs are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as they can be wiped off with a damp rag in between rentals or events.

Rust-Resistant with Stainless Steel Components

The CSP Amigo resin folding chair sets itself apart with its use of stainless steel parts, making it highly resistant to moisture. In contrast, other brands often struggle with rust issues over time. This significant advantage highlights the CSP Amigo resin folding chair's superiority in durability and longevity, offering an exceptional choice for those seeking reliable and long-lasting furniture solutions.

Designed by CSP in USA, Assembled in South Korea.

Holding a patent in the USA and produced with superior quality in South Korea, the CSP Amigo resin folding chair surpasses other brands in terms of quality. This combination of American innovation and Korean craftsmanship ensures a product that is not only unique but also durable and reliable.

Superior Strength with Over 1000 lbs Capacity

Our Amigo™ Resin Folding Chair is designed to withstand the test of strength and durability. Independently tested, this chair can support over 1000 pounds, offering unparalleled reliability and comfort. Its sleek design and easy folding mechanism make it an ideal choice for any event.


All Purpose Chair Dolly
“Amigo™” Folding Chair Seat Pad
Gang Clips(GC-110)
Folding Chair Bag

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